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Tap into some Stella savings when you bundle up your services

We're glad to offer year round and seasonal specials so that our cherished customers can save time, maximize their services and take advantage of some great discounts.


Book an interior and exterior window clean at the same time and receive

15% off the total service fee


Book an interior  window clean within 7 days of an exterior window clean and take 15% off the Interior window clean value


Lock in a spring and fall window cleaning service at the same time to save a massive 15% off both services - 30% in total!


Instantly take 10% off your scheduled service when you show us your Stampeders Merch either in person or through email/text.
Go Stamps, Go!

If you have questions about any of the Stella Specials or are ready to go ahead and book yourself in, then fill out the form below or contact us to on (403) 397 0480 

An average sized home which includes 20+ windows can often have varied levels of difficulty including hard to reach windows, stubborn soiling and other circumstances which can make certain jobs more challenging. Any estimate which may seem higher could also be lower (a bungalow for example could incur smaller service fee's) however, we want to aim higher so that any surprises are those which include a lower service fee. Windows which put our staff in dangerous situations, need hard water removal, construction cleaning or are heavily calcified may but not always be a cause for additional fees, however, we will always inform you if any of the aforementioned arise. If you know of or believe there to be an additional work required on specific windows, then please let us know during scheduling time so there are as little or no surprises along the way! Stella Windows won't accept responsibility of any damages incurred due to poorly sealed, unstable and/or cracked windows.

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