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residential window cleaning
Window Cleaning professionals. window cleaners calgary
Window Cleaning

Stella Windows Techs get a serious and satisfying buzz from providing homeowners with restored, reflective and mirror finished windows. 

To get that immaculate, remarkable finish, it takes both technique, knowledge, precision and passion for the work. We like to say it's a real craft, an art and a science all wrapped up and delivered in a concise work that demands nothing less than the perfect clean. 

Professional window cleaners in calgary

Classic Squeegees and Applicators

Otherwise known as good ole fashioned elbow grease, we use high quality rubber squeegees, top tier applicators and a ecofriendly, biodegradable solutions to scrub and clean your windows

Ladders for Every Job

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary. Pressure Washing in Calgary

Ladders still have their place in the window cleaning industry. Fully trained and insured,
we safely use ladders to reach windows which are seriously calcified and which our water fed pole systems wouldn't be able to clean to the Stella Standard

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary. Pressure Washing in Calgary

Water Fed Poles and Water Treatment Systems

The modern day window cleaners new best friend. Our state of the art systems allow us to work safely from the ground whilst providing your windows an incredible, streak free finish that even squeegee purist would be proud of.

We still get surprised by what we find in our clients gutters...

Some of our clients are absolutely shocked by what we've found in their eavestroughs and downspouts. Fortunately for them, we've been able to share a laugh about these bizarre finds before they became a bigger issue.

Unfortunately for many, they either forget or neglect to schedule a thorough eavestrough clean which, over time will cause further build up of debris, blockages and breakages that create leaks and hazardous icy patches in the winter.


Regular gutter maintenance can avoid all of this and extra repair costs!

Eavestough Cleaning
Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary

Eavestrough Assessment

First we assess the surroundings for access points, measure the lengths of the eavestroughs and get visuals of their current conditions.

We would recommend scheduling 2 Gutter Cleans a year for the average home to ensure optimal draining and reduce any chance of irreparable damage. If you have a feeling its time to schedule a gutter clean, then call us on (403) 397 0480 

Our Simple Process Provides Immaculate and Clean Gutters

Removal of Big Debris

Using our tools, hands, eyes and safety equipment when needed, we start to remove the biggest debris deposits first.

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary
Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary

Rinse and Flush

With the big stuff out the way and to avoid blasting dirt and debris from above, we use a very soft pressurized wand to flush the remaining any small debris to the downspouts.
We then clean inside the downspouts in a way to dislodge any debris whilst caushing no damage.

Elbow Checks

If we notice irregular drainage from the downspout, then we'll check the elbows in attempt to locate the problem. Usually, any issues f build up can be found here

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary
Professional Window cleaning calgary. Gutter cleaning calgary

Brand New Looking Gutters

Once the jobs complete, your home is left with gutters that are free of debris,  sparkling and function as new they were just installed. Any and all the mess is either removed from your home or if you prefer, contributed to your compost!

What Do We Find ?

Watch this quick clip and take a glance of what you can unexpectedly expect to find in your eavestroughs and downspouts - we simply cant make it up!

Trust us to do the job and schedule your eavestrough assessment today
by simple calling
(403) 397 0480 or clicking the button below

House Washing

A Luxury Service Homeowners Require

House Washing

House washing preserves a homes exterior integrity, brightness and overall aesthetic.

Our homes take the brunt of mother nature 365 days a year, so it's no surprise our beloved and prized homes start to lose their sparkle.

Soiling from construction, accumulation of dirt, mold, algae, efflorescence and other organic matter grow over time which is why scheduling a seasonal clean may be something to consider, especially as a homeowner.

Stella Windows only uses products and cleaning solutions  which won't harm your landscape or property, you can be sure your family, pets and environment around your home won't be harmed.

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Pressure washing calgary

If you've noticed your homes exterior has started to deplete, is a bit of an eye sore or you simply want to maintain and prevent any organic matter from growing, then schedule your house wash with us by calling (403) 397 0480

The Process

A Clean House Makes a Happy Home

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Pressure washing calgary

Assess the Property

First, we give the house a thorough assessment, check the surroundings and determine the best plan to wash the homes exterior

Prepare and Start the Process

Starting with a general rinse of the exterior and ensuring all organic landscapes are well soaked with water to protect the property, family and pets, we can start the cleaning process.

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Pressure washing calgary
Professional Window cleaning calgary. Pressure washing calgary

Application and Rinse

Section by section, our cleaning solutions are applied and then rinsed away with the rest of the grime and residue.

A Stella Home

Now with brighter home on the exterior, we provide a final check and make sure there's no mess left behind! 

Professional Window cleaning calgary. Pressure washing calgary

Private Communities

We Work with Property Managers to Keep your Community Clean

Private Communities

Our reputation speaks for itself- our amazing relationships with property management and building companies are all thanks to word-of-mouth from satisfied customers like you!

 If you're on the hunt for a reliable, trusted service provider to impress your clients, then look no further- we're here to help.

At Stella Windows we don't just provide services- we create lasting relationships that give you peace of mind. You can trust us to deliver quality work, safely and effortlessly. 

So for an exceptional service that you and your clients can trust, give us a call today. We look forward to welcoming you to the Stella family.

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