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Window Cleaning

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Ask Questions

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

Do we need to be home in order for Stella Windows to perform our scheduled service?
Interior work would require either access or someone to be present at the time of scheduled service. Otherwise, anything exterior requires no one to be home!

I have a private space on my property - if I'm not home, then how will you gain access?
During booking, we will ask if there are any areas that will be difficult to access without someone being present. Ideally, we can select a date and time when we know someone is there. 

We have some furniture which may get in the way of the windows being cleaned; do we have to move stuff out of the way?
To avoid any furniture or anything else from getting wet, damaged or otherwise, we highly suggest moving anything you're able to prior our arrival. If Stella Windows has to move anything where accidental damages may occur, then we cannot be held responsible. 

Will you show up on time?

Once a booking has been made, we will provide a window of time you can expect our crew to show up. If anything changes, then you will be informed. 

Do you bring your own water source?
No. We use the outdoor spigots. Please make sure these are turned on prior our arrival!

What happens if it rains?
We will always perform a scheduled service unless the weather really stops us. We will keep you informed and reschedule if this were to ever happen. 

What happens if we're not 100% satisfied?
All you have to do is let us know within 48hrs and we will be back and make sure your satisfied!

Are you covered with insurance?
You bet. All of our staff are covered and so is your property!

Do you use green products?
Absolutely! We only use enviro-friendly and biodegradable products, meaning your property, family and pets are safe!

You cleaned my exterior windows, but now I notice the grime on the inside! What do we do now?
Simple! Let us know you'd like to clean the interior windows within 7 days and save yourself 15%. Stella will always recommend booking bother Exterior and Interior windows at the same time for optimum results and value savings. 

We have mesh screens, do they really need cleaning? If so, why?

Absolutely, screens need seasonal cleaning because they act like air filters when you open the windows to your home. If the screens are dusty, then they will cause your home to have increased dust particles which may cause some individuals to trigger allergies and have breathing difficulties.

Other than windows, you can actually wash the exterior of my house?
You bet! Using a biodegradable solution, we can provide the exterior of your home with a "soft wash", meaning your home can look vibrant once again!

What if I have stucco instead?
First, we can assess the home to make sure there's no areas which could potentially be damaged or allow water to seep through. Any and all cracks must be repaired before your home receives a wash.

Does my home actually need it though?
Like any of our services, they are all optional, as such are all luxury services. However, if you plan on maintaining a beautiful home, it's value, curb appeal and reduce larger expenses caused by neglect, then yes, your home needs to have regular or seasonal maintenance. 

Can I schedule regular or seasonal maintenance?
Absolutely you can and we strongly recommend doing so! Whether its monthly, bi monthly, yearly or anything in between, we can create an arrangement that suits your maintenance needs. 

You also clean eavestroughs?
That's right and we still prefer to do it by hand!

Do you ever install gutter guards?
We have been known to install gutter guards, however, it is not one of our primary services. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Do we need our eavestroughs cleaning even with gutter guards?
Yes you do! Debris is still able to build up over time and we suggest that cleaning your eavestrough once and even twice a year is the best thing to do (even with gutter guards). 

How do we get started?

Simple, you can click here if you are brand new to Stella or here if you are making a return!

How can we pay?
Right now, Stella accepts e-transfer, personal cheque or cash!

If you're ready to schedule your next or first service with us, then you can do so by click HERE and following the simple form.



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