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Really glad to see you on this page. 
Here you will find important information on what to expect from us here at Stella Lights and what we need from you to make sure things run as smoothly as Auntie Stevie's custard being poured over her home-made, brandy soaked Christmas Pudding.
Now pay attention folks...

Things you should know:

- If you are a returning customer it is your responsibility to have your lights out on the day we are scheduled for your install- this can be on your front step or in another pre-arranged location (like under or on the back deck).  Failure to do so may result in your date being re-arranged and a fee of $100 to cover travel and would-be labour costs.

-If anything goes wrong with your light installation we will come back & fix it for free provided the lights have been purchased through Stella Lights and that the fault is something we have missed- if not there may be a fix-up charge starting at $100.

-We do not decorate trees above 35ft.  

-Weather conditions heavily dictate our ability to do our work safely.  As such we cannot give accurate times of arrival on many jobs.  Rest assured we will be with you. 

-Warranty for lights vary between 2-5 years depending on the product, provided they have been purchased from Stella Lights and have been taken down each season!

-Take down costs is 35%-40% of set up cost* with a minimum charge of $65 for one-storey houses & trees and $90 for two-storey houses

-We strongly recommend taking down your lights after the festive season to preserve your lights & to get the best display out of them year after year.  Failure to do so WILL void any warranty on the lights should anything go wrong with them.

*35% for standard C9, C6 bulbs & 40% for G-30 and Quick Clip bulbs

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