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How else can we say thank you to our most loyal clients? Simple. With Stella Rewards.

In a world where we are faced with having to make more and more decisions in our life, we give our clients one less choice to make.

Start Stella Rewards simply by having your first scheduled service with Stella Windows then qualify for rewards on your second service and those thereafter! Earn more Stella Rewards and bonuses each time you choose Stella Windows.


2nd Service - 10% Off
4th Service - Free Eavestrough Clean with Windows
6th Service - 15% Off
8th Service - 1 Side of your homes windows for FREE**

10th Service - 18% Off

Start saving time and energy when you choose Stella Windows. If you know you're overdue on any of the services we provide, then call us today on (403) 397 0480 and we'll get you started!

** Up to 10 Windows or the equivalent value  

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